You, in your habitat.

The way she laughs while running around the kitchen.His current obsession with paw patrol. morning cuddles, little slobbery kisses, tantrums and juice - stained shirts. This is the perfect imperfection of your family’s wild life.

Life with young kids can be such a blur. That sweet little baby isn’t so little any more, it seems they hit new milestones every week and outgrow shoes every other week! Remember your family’s life, as it is right now, in the years to come with a family documentary session. As a mother, I know all too well that the days seem long, but the years are short.

These sessions can take place in your home documenting a typical Saturday morning, or you can choose a location or activity enjoyed by your family (Galveston, anyone?) With this photographic storytelling package, you receive all of the edited, full resolution images. These look great in a keepsake album - they will be family photos that your friends actually enjoy looking through! Choose a glimpse (2 hours), a half a day with multiple locations, or a true day in the life.

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