Baby E's Adoption Day

I arrived at the Ft. Bend county courthouse to meet baby E and her family about a week after learning about her upcoming adoption proceeding. One of the many things I love about being an adoption photographer is the pace of it all – one day I am corresponding with the parents for the first time, and a few days later I get the honor of witnessing a forever family officially coming together.When baby E arrived in the courthouse lobby being carried by her mama, the first thing I noticed were E's big brown eyes, and then her sweet dimply cheeks. As friends and family arrived, it became obvious that sweet E is loved by a village.

After some visiting in the lobby, everyone was soon called into the courtroom. The smiles on E's parent's during the proceeding were infectious. In less than two minutes – little E was officially adopted and she chose a stuffed panda bear to take home.

Afterward, we headed to a park across the street from the courthouse to take some portraits of the family and little E. This park has several decent sized oak trees and is so convenient for family mini sessions after adoptions – just watch for ant piles! Even though it was close to her nap time, we got some sweet smiles from little E. Then, just like that, the new forever family was of to a celebratory lunch with family and friends. Such a happy day!