Baby Hannah's Newborn Session

I met baby Hannah in my studio when she was just 8 days old. Even though the studio has all the wraps, posing aids, and headbands a person could want, I encourage parents to bring items special to them to include in newborn photos. Hannah's parents brought a marquee sign with birth Hannah's birth stats, a family Bible, and a couple of headbands. Personal items can bring a special touch that props cannot in newborn photography.When it came time to choose colors and posing baskets, I was stoked to see Hannah's parents choose color! They chose an Indonesian carved wood bowl that was a gift from my mother-in-law last Christmas. They were the first to select that piece, and it photographed beautifully. We placed the Bible next to Hannah opened to a meaningful verse for the family.

Newborns have the cutest little details about them, and Hannah was no different. Her mama said that in all the ultrasound images, she had her hands up by her face, and she still does it all of the time. It's amazing that newborns come out of the womb with habits and personalities, and I love having the opportunity to capture this. Often times, parent's will say “Ooh, she does that all the time!” after I click the shutter, and I know that photo will be a favorite.