Houston Family Documentary Photographer

M Family Documentary Session

I love photographing neighbors in my little community within a city of Oak Forest. Family documentary sessions have been slow to catch on in my neck of the woods, so when I received an email from a nearby mama requesting one, I was naturally excited. It was an unseasonably cool day when I arrived at the M Family's house. After meeting their twin boys and 6 month old baby girl, I decided with their parents on a couple of good spots for some informal portraits. I always get a few camera aware images at the beginning of a lifestyle family session. It's a great warm up and serves as sort of a mini-session. Although piling the entire family on the bed is a common theme with this kind of photography, I don't think that is a bad thing. Once toddlers are on the bed, their playful side comes right out, even if they were a little shy at first.

With twin toddlers and a baby, The M family was lively and full of energy, and I couldn't help but admire how the parents worked together to engage with all of the kiddos with everything they had. I felt that they were working harder than I was for most of the session!




After Baby C went for a nap, the boys got to make use of their Easter present. New, shiny, yellow rain boots! It was their first pair, and using them to splash around in rain puddles seemed like a mind – blowing discovery for the twins. They probably could have spent hours splashing and still be entertained. There's nothing quite like watching a kiddo experience something fun for the first time.




After splashing around in in rain puddles, everyone moved on to the back yard to spend some time playing, then it was snack time. Photographing the quiet, in-between moments is a favorite part of these sessions, because not only does it give me a break physically, I often get some of my favorite images from it! Just as soon as snack time was over, Baby C awoke from her nap and the family went upstairs to greet her for a little reading time in the boys' teepee.



Soon, it was time for the the boy's nap. It didn't feel like I had stayed that long!