Houston Newborn Photographer

Baby T's Home Newborn Session

When I arrived at Baby T's home for his newborn session, his big brother S gave me a run down on his siblings' ages. "The new baby is zero!" He excitedly proclaimed.  Home_newborn_photography_family_bed


T is an alert little guy, and you can just see the wheels spinning!

After T's big brother and sister took photos with their new brother, we found a clerestory window in the playroom with awesome light along with a blank wall. Simplicity in images helps to draw the eye to the bond between parent and baby!

Newborn Photography - Baby S

The day I visited the home of beautiful Baby S to take her first portraits, she was a hungry, sleepy little angel. Wit the room at a warm temperature and a wrap, she quickly got comfortable and snoozed for most of the session. Baby S's mom had carefully designed the nursery with a pink and gray color scheme, so we chose coordinating wraps and blankets for the portraits.  



S's parents were clearly over the moon!



Dad wanted a photo holding Baby S in his hands to show her in all of her tiny wonder.




Welcome to the world, Baby S!





M Family Documentary Session

I love photographing neighbors in my little community within a city of Oak Forest. Family documentary sessions have been slow to catch on in my neck of the woods, so when I received an email from a nearby mama requesting one, I was naturally excited. It was an unseasonably cool day when I arrived at the M Family's house. After meeting their twin boys and 6 month old baby girl, I decided with their parents on a couple of good spots for some informal portraits. I always get a few camera aware images at the beginning of a lifestyle family session. It's a great warm up and serves as sort of a mini-session. Although piling the entire family on the bed is a common theme with this kind of photography, I don't think that is a bad thing. Once toddlers are on the bed, their playful side comes right out, even if they were a little shy at first.

With twin toddlers and a baby, The M family was lively and full of energy, and I couldn't help but admire how the parents worked together to engage with all of the kiddos with everything they had. I felt that they were working harder than I was for most of the session!




After Baby C went for a nap, the boys got to make use of their Easter present. New, shiny, yellow rain boots! It was their first pair, and using them to splash around in rain puddles seemed like a mind – blowing discovery for the twins. They probably could have spent hours splashing and still be entertained. There's nothing quite like watching a kiddo experience something fun for the first time.




After splashing around in in rain puddles, everyone moved on to the back yard to spend some time playing, then it was snack time. Photographing the quiet, in-between moments is a favorite part of these sessions, because not only does it give me a break physically, I often get some of my favorite images from it! Just as soon as snack time was over, Baby C awoke from her nap and the family went upstairs to greet her for a little reading time in the boys' teepee.



Soon, it was time for the the boy's nap. It didn't feel like I had stayed that long! 








Baby L's Newborn Session

I arrived at baby L's house on another overcast day, found a nicely lit spot by the back patio door, and stated setting up. Her big brother was so animated and curious about my photography setup! While chatting with L's mom, I discovered that L's name is the same as my beloved great grandmother's. Classic names are making a comeback! Newborn_photography_hand_under_chin


During the portraits with the entire family, it was clear that big brother was loving life with his new sister!





Welcome to the world, sweet Lily Maye!

Baby G's Newborn Session

It was an overcast day when I visited Baby G's home for her portrait session, so I found a spot by the lowest window in the house and got to work. Baby G's mom had some special items of Baby G's that had been blessed that she wanted to include. I enjoy incorporating special keepsakes in newborn photos rather than props that have no connection to the family. 

G's big sister then returned home from school and we were able to take photos including the entire family in the nursery. It was clear that G's big sister was excited about her new role!

Welcome to the world, Baby G!



Houston Newborn Photography - Baby R IV

Baby R IV was just 10 days new when I visited his family to take his newborn portraits. After a some cuddling with his mom and dad and a good meal, he slept like a champ. Sometimes half of the work during the newborn session is done by mom and dad. In order to get peaceful, sleepy images like the one below, a settled, comfortable, well fed baby is key. Often, only mom or dad will do for these needs!


Once I saw little R IV sleeping so peacefully, I took a step back to show scale. Although close up baby details are important, it's easy to get caught up in them and forget to document the precious smallness of a new baby. 


 Baby R IV's nursery was decorated with a woodland theme with soothing blue hues. The display boxes are came unfinished from IKEA. A dark stain added a cabin rustic feel.




R IV's mom had the was wearing the kind of dress that photographs like a dream. Solid colors draw the eye to the subjects faces in a portrait where busy patterns tend to draw the eye away. Of course, there are some patterns that work for portraits, but when clients ask for advice on what to wear for a portrait session, I always say solids, solids, solids!



Baby R IV, thank you for the honor of taking your first portraits, and for being so cute!


Houston Newborn Photography - Baby D


I had the pleasure of visiting Baby D and his parents in their modern, light - filled home last week. At 3 weeks new, Baby D had settled into a typical nap schedule, and mom made sure I was able to visit during prime nap time to get some cozy, sleepy images. D seemed to enjoy the security of a wrap very much. houston_newborn_photographer_sleeping_wrapped_baby


D's nursery was decorated in a subtle and calming world travel theme, which we captured in a few images with the entire family.


The gifts and challenges that each unique home presents are part of what makes in home newborn photography fun. Baby D's home was all gift. We had plenty of windows and a light filled foyer served as the perfect location for images with parents and newborn. D's mother requested a backlit portrait, and it was easily achieved by placing one of my white sheers over the glass entry door with non residue gaffer tape. The stairway was conveniently located directly across from the doorway and provided a perfect shooting angle without the need to use my step ladder. 



Welcome to the world, Baby D!





Houston Newborn Photography - Baby P


Baby P's newborn session was so lively and fun! P was a hungry and alert kiddo, so we took photos with the entire family first. P's big sister was so excited about P. She was also excited about the movie "Moana" and her Moana paddle was a permanent accessory for her! Houston_Lifestyle_Photographer_big_sister



P finally fell asleep, so me got some photos featuring her in all of her cuteness, along with detail shots, of course!

Welcome to the world, Miss P!


Houston Newborn Photographer - Baby A


Last week I enjoyed photographing Baby A in his home a stone's throw from my own. At seven days new, he slept like a champ, but still gave us the most wonderful smirk! A family friend made this blanket for him, so we were sure to include it.  Houston_newborn_photographer_grinning_baby

A's nursery was decorated in a dinosaur motif. In keeping with the theme, his parent's had a special outfit for him complete with a stegosaurus hat.


The home had windows everywhere and beautiful light wherever a photographer could want it. While A was eating, I got to spend some time with Pepper, the 15 year old cat (she declined to be photographed). Later we were able to get photos with the rest of the family together including Tex, the big dog, and Fancy, who usually has her tongue sticking out of her mouth. Fancy indeed!


Welcome to the world, Baby A!



Newborn Photography - Baby O


Baby O was 5 weeks new when I visited his home to take his portraits. His nursery was decorated in an eclectic style with different items that just worked together.  The world map and paper crane mobile gave the room a global vibe. Houston_newborn_photographer_baby_parents_smiling



He made the best little baby sounds snuggled up in the basket! He was a very alert little guy, but his parents did everything they could to soothe him to sleep for a photo.


I love taking details and candids in between the set up images. Baby O has the cutest little swirl of hair and sweet baby feet!



Houston Newborn Photographer - Baby A


This newborn session was full of the color pink! Baby A's nursery was the most unique one I have seen yet. Pink walls, pink elephants, and pink neon adorned the room. The wall behind the crib was clad in pine paneling that Baby A's parent's installed themselves. These guys have it together! Houtson_Newborn_Photographer_Nursery_neon_sign

I always scout out locations in the client's home to find the best light before setting up. After seeing the nursery, a pink wrap was the obvious choice for the first setup. It's helpful to think of the final display method of the images when planning out a session. Considering where the photos will be hung helps to keep a harmonious color palette in the home. 

The best light was downstairs, so we set up there near a low window and got some peaceful images of baby A sleeping and plenty of detail shots.










Houston Newborn photographer - Baby A


This newborn session was a great end to the year! Baby A started the session wide awake, and I was able to get some lifestyle images of her and mom together. 

After baby A was fast asleep, we were able to get several simple setups. She was a dream to photograph! I especially loved that smirk! She smiled spontaneously throughout the shoot . One the best parts of my job is witnessing a brand - new baby's little personality emerging. 

At every session I am sure to get plenty of detail shots. Those fingers, toes and lips will never be that little again! These images look great displayed together as a montage in black and white. 

Environmental lifestyle portraits feel much more authentic to me than fussy poses and backdrops. A solid - colored wall next to a window can provide a perfect, neutral setting to capture the love between mother and daughter.