J's Adoption Day!


This was such an exciting shoot for me. I have wanted to photograph an adoption for a long time, so I was pleased as punch when the S family gave me the opportunity to be their adoption photographer. I arrived at their home in the morning to take a few photos of the family together, then I hopped in the van with them to ride to the courthouse. 

When the S family arrived at the courthouse, they were greeted with excited family and friends. 

When we entered the courtroom, another family had their proceeding before us. It was so nice to see two families officially adding a member that day. The mood in the room was certainly a happy one! I was able to stand behind the judge for the proceeding, which provided a great angle to photograph from. It all happened very quickly!

After J's adoption, Mom and Dad "renewed" Z's adoption. Z was about J's age when she was adopted, and she wanted to do it again!

Just like that, it was time to head back home for a celebration.