Houston Newborn Photographer - Baby Charlotte

  I had the honor of photographing the sweetest baby girl yesterday! Baby Charlotte is Sarah and Chris's brand new little girl. I photographed Sarah and Chris's wedding a while back and I also went to high school with them a good while back before that. It's so much fun watching the family grow of people you knew back in the day.

I'm pretty new to newborn photography; I've only photographed a few sessions for former wedding photography clients and close friends. Newborn photography is definitely a whole different kind of challenge compared to wedding photography! I was feeling a bit rusty in this department, but Sarah worked with Charlotte to keep her fed, happy and asleep. After Charlotte was fast asleep, the shoot was a breeze.

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Newborn Photography


I'm used to most of my wedding day shoots taking on a fast pace, but photographing baby Charlotte made me remember that working with infants is all about patience. It was definitely worth taking the extra time as we got our best shots at the end of the session while Charlotte was sleeping peacefully nestled in a blanket in a bucket. I'm eager to photograph another newborn session soon. Thanks Sarah and Chris - and congratulations!